Fastest Wireless Broadband


AirFibre Broadband world-class wireless infrastructure provides you best in class broadband connectivity. With our cloud-based monitoring system, we continuously monitor the performance of our wireless network to provide you the best services 24×7.

High Speed

In association with BSNL we are providing superfast broadband plan up to 70 Mbps.

Weather Impact

With minimum weather impact on our devices you get stable connection all the time.

No Wire No Problem

Your device directly communicates with our tower so no wire cut problem like fibre optic.

Why wireless over fibre optic?

No doubt fibre optic cable is faster than wireless and can carry more bandwidth than wireless but for longer distance and with underground cabling, but in cities you get fibre connection with overhead and unmanaged cabling. But with wireless you are directly connected with the tower so you get pure and uninterrupted bandwidth and you get it at same speed with same pricing option.

New Age Devices

With our new age high-performance devices, you get fibre-like connectivity. We use different devices according to the distance and requirement of the user.


What We Offer

With our experienced team and unmatched infrastructure, we can provide you the best solution for all your internet requirements. Just click the button and let us serve you with our unmatched services.

High Speed Broadband

High speed broadband for home and office users with wireless connectivity.

Leased Line

Internet Leased Line for corporate users, government offices & other establishments over wireless.

Wi-Fi Solutions

With our experienced team, we can provide you the best wi-fi solution for your organization.

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